3.2.1 Releases ‘Splash Out’ New Single Featuring Baitoey RSiam

Kamikaze’s new latest hit MV “Splash Out”. It’s perfect comination between Hip Hop group 3.2.1 members “TJ”, “Gavin” and “Poppy” with folk music or thai country song by sexy female singer “Baitoey RSiam”

3.2.1 group does a great job with this song, TJ who is co-producer, composed and sing, Gavin the handsome rapper guy that break many girl’s heart, Poppy with excellent voices and sexy looks Baiteoy that makes MV hotter! Each members show their talents and through this excellent music video.

Check teaser posters from 3.2.1’s  “Munday” album

Now “Splash Out” has gone rival on Youtube with more than 30 millions views within a month. You can enjoy “Nan Oak” dance style. It’s cachy, fun and sure make you happy. Share your thoughts on below comment box.

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