“Thank you” debut with “Thank You for Your Love”

Kamikaze fan! Are you getting excited yet? T-Pop’s cutie idol “Thank you” is preparing to debut a new [First] single this month and she released video teaser through the official Kamikaze youtube channel last week.

Don’t be confused. Her artist name is “Thank you” but real name is “Sinchanok Klaitae” 15 years old high-school girl. She was born 7 november 1997, now study at Niva international school in bangkok. She like Hip-hop, piano, skateboard and horse riding. Actually “Thank you” is not new face. She pass some work as Ole cutie girl 2012, appear in MIN’s music video “Can I Miss You” (Kid Theung Dai Mai), also perform on several dramas.


Check out the full music video!

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