Wannabe Timethai’s Girl in ‘Always Da One’ ?

The music video features a charming Timethai with his girl. We see he dancing with his dance style. His face is so lovely, warm looks handsome as thai style.

“Always Da One” released by Kamikaze through the official Welovekamikaze channel. The music video is just as sweet as the song itself and made us feels like a girl in MV, who is Timethai’s Always Da One.

Timethai’s voice is so emotional and sweet. Song says.. May I’m not look as good as others nor excellently appease as others but you can trust me, believe in me (Tae Cheu Chan Di, Cheu Chan Di Na Thur) Everythings I did for you (Sing Tee Tum Hai Thur Reuy Ma) You may not understand (Art Mai Tum Hai Thur Khao Jai).. and hook part.. There’s no way that I can’t live without you (Mai Mee Thang Tee Ja Mai Mee Thur) No matter where I am, You’re always in my heart (Yoo Tong Nai Tong Mee Thur Nai Jai Sa-Mer) I can’t say I like You, I can’t say (Pood Wa Chob Pood Wa Chob Pood Mai Dai) I can say that I love you (Pood Dai Tae Kum Wa Rak) ♥ Actually this song is so sweet + style and movements gonna make girls shout out loud.

Do you love Always Da One, How you feel when you listen it please share.

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