‘Icicle’ Indifference Mean Goodbye – Heartbroken Song with Ten Nararak

Ten Nararak was born through MIC Idol stage (television programme) from 2008, Ten’s prominent point are the voices, her voices is so clear and powerful.

‘Icicle’‘Indifference Mean Goodbye by Needless to Say’ or in thai word — Kwarm Choei Chah Keu Garn Bauk Lah Doai Mai Taung Auk Sieng. The song describe a coldness moments between two people, after sometimes they will realize that their love can’t going on but nobody talk – just silence until the end. So cold and distant. It’s more pain if you’re not say anything. That’s mean this love is over.

Most of Ten Nararak songs are well-known and popular. What we can say for sure is that Ten Nararak have a good vocal, one of the quality vocal singer in the market right now. We may still hope to hear new song from Ten Nararak again in the near future.

The music video starring Poyd Treechada who perform ‘The White Storm’ the hong kong movie with Louis Koo, Lau Ching Wan and Nick Cheung directed by Benny Chan will release later this year.

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