Four-Mod’s Full MV for “Don’t Wanna Go” Released!

Duo girls “Four” and “Mod” unleashed yesterday, 13 June, their full music video for their latest single “Don’t Wanna Go”

The music video follows “Four” memory remember the past activities with her boyfriend, before he had been takecare her but everything changing now until no future for our love. The boy said that girl changing but actually the boy is who had changed.

“Don’t Wanna Go” or in thai title Pai Mai Dai Reu Ter Mai Pai mean “Can’t Go or You don’t Wanna Go” that describe about for our love, Do you want to go with me? or you want to stop our love – just say the truth – do not blame me that I’m changing because you had changed, not me. You found another one so don’t care me anymore.. this is a story of music video.

Four-Mod Photo Teasers

Do you notice the guy in music video? He is a Nichkhun’s older brother, His name is Nichan Horawetchakun. Nichan often seen in music videos, advertising and magazines in thailand.

Check out gallery of Nichkhun and Nichan

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