Evo Nine’s 2nd MV “Superman”

Rookie boy group Evo Nine with 7 members consist of BEST, WANG, NICK, GUN, FEEM, RODTANK and ANDREW has made their 2nd single “Superman” and released the music video through the official MrMonoMusic Youtube channel.

They have been debut “Make You Dance” the first single several month ago. Evo Nine has gained attention for being handsome boy group. The Evo Nine’s concept is dance group. Their group name be from Evolution. The members have great dance practice “Superman” was produced by korean producer team with chief producer “Tae-Mu” some part of a song written by G-Twenty’s Milky. Evo Nine’s “Superman” sing in Thai different from previous song “Make You Dance” that they sing in English.

According to MonoMusic, Evo Nine has Electronic New-Age Pop music style. The main is Pop but add more New Age combine New School Hip-Hop dance style.

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