Knomjean’s 2 Upcoming Dramas

Kamikaze uploaded several stills from Knomjean upcoming dramas “Sabsang” (The Curse) and “Phu Chana Sibtit” (Conqueror of the Ten Directions) that she play as main role.

In the released pictures, Knomjean is wearing a thai traditional outfit. With a beautiful smile on her face, Knomjean looks gorgeous and charming in these photos.

“Sabsang” The drama is about “Shor Earng” a traditional female dancer in theater. Something happened in theater “Shor Earng” killed! She became ghost who seeks revenge on others.

For “Phu Chana Sibtit” Knomjean play as “Arthittaya” grandchild of “Luang Meuang Prae” the Prae prefect. She also be Gusuma’s younger sister who fall in love with Jaded but Jeded haven’t love her, Jaded love Gusama, her sister! Arthittaya’s character will be one who demands to love all the time.

Knomjean's-2-Upcoming-Dramas-2 Knomjean's-2-Upcoming-Dramas-1

Knomjean said “Shor Earng” has several characters in one, such as human, spirit and traditional dancer. She also have to speak ancient thai language and speak in verse not normal usage.

For “Arthittaya” role, she must present as Burmese girl and speak native Burmese. It’s extremely difficult but she practice so well.

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