Candy Mafia Releases MV of “Cliché”

The official music video Candy Mafia’s title song “Cliché” was released on Monomusic official Youtube channel a while ago.

The song written in english and it’s first Candy Mafia’s english single with electro / pop style. It’s pretty catchy music. We love the music, drum and bass. Their sweet notes and sour voices made us feelings touch with them.

Cliché produced by local team working together with US’s producer team such as music by Tearce “Kizzo” Person, Glen Choi and lyrics by Francesca “Francci” Richard, Jaden Michaels then mixed by Jeff Barringer, James “RHEEMIX” Rhee.

If you haven’t already, you can check out the music video for “Cliché” Don’t forget to share your thoughts about first english single of Candy Mafia below.

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