Awesome Dance in MV “Make You Dance” with Evo Nine

Evo Nine debut single “Make You Dance” the first english song. Producer team Artisans Music has teamed up with DJ-Nür tp participate in the “Make You Dance” project!

Evo Nine has already released another hit single “Superman” but this is a first english single. They’ve done well. The guys filmed the music video with good looking outfits, and the song is fun and awesome choreography.

The group, made up of 7 members, has been surrounded by hype as the label’s first male idol group. Evo Nine work under the label Monomusic.

7 members consist of Nick, Best, Feem, Rodtank, Wang, Andrew and Gun. They’re now here with their debut track and music video “Make You Dance” which you can check out above. Take a look and see you may call them your next favorite boy band.

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