Give “Kreung Jai” (Half of Your Heart) to “Gun Napat” Fulfill Your Love

“Kreung Jai” sing by Gun Napat, Kreung Jai mean “Half of Your Heart” The song say.. I want only half of your heart. Come to start new love with me and keep him(ex-boyfriend) behind. Keep him(ex-boyfriend) on another half of your heart in the part of your memory but open mind for me, let me in, let me fulfill your love. It’s about some broken heart one who just pain of love and Gun Napat come to ask for chance to heal your heart.

Lovely song, We impress Gun Napat smooth voice and he can express a song feelings and emotions to the audiences. Another thing in this song that we love is acoustic guitar sound, easy listening and sweet. Acoustic Guitar played by Phadha Yangyongyuen, Chorus sound by Noom B Team, Vocal Editing & Mixdown Engineer by Bellsnowbear

Gun Napat is the winner of a reality show The Star season 6. He was born october 23, 1990 at Suphanburi province. Gun Napat aged 23 years old. He labels under GMM Grammy and Exact.

The music video released through the official Exact YouTube channel. Check it out! Do you like this Gun Napat song? How do you feel, let all know.

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