Kamikaze New Face “Jeff Sater” Debut MV “Doomsday”

Latest member from “Demo Project” a young boy “Jeff Sater” (Jeff Worakamol Sator) has made his dubut with his single “Doomsday” (Lok Tak) and released the music video through the official Kamikaze YouTube channel.

KAMIKAZE’s The Demo Project is the music experiment project targeting teens. a Demo Project members consist of Split’s SO and NEW (2 good-humored guys), FAH pretty girl and CAROL is a mixed race thai-german

Jeff Sater, Everyone known him in another name “Jeff Demo Project” a “Doomsday” song describe what do you want to do if today is the end of the world, be my girlfriend? Tell your lover how much do you love before you cannot say.

Jeff Sater Photo Gallery

Jeff-Demo-Project-Pic-4 Jeff-Demo-Project-Pic-3 Jeff-Demo-Project-Pic-1 Jeff-Demo-Project-Pic-2 Jeff-Demo-Project-Pic-5 Jeff-Demo-Project-Pic-6

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