Aof Pongsak Releases Latest Love Hit “Fact than Fiction” MV

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong previously left his fans hanging with the short teaser video for his upcoming music video “Fact than Fiction” but no waiting any longer as the full music video version is now here.

“Fact than Fiction” in thai เรื่องจริงยิ่งกว่านิยาย meaning The actual story is worse than fiction. The audio version of this song released many months ago but the MV just produced.

The music video tell the love story between AOF and his boyfriend. I’ll call it a love with tragedy when his boyfriend betray him, All everything that his boyfriend had did for him were faked. His boyfriend want something from AOF but AOF really really love him. AOF never suspect or has any question with his boyfriend even some of friend warned him.

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